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Sarah ...

Continues to experiment with exciting colors over the chunky under-highlights ... this time it is"Nirvana"



Few 12 year olds would be so daring!


Cupid Pink is our very sophisticated version of todays "artistic" colors


Amy & Emma

For the first time ... 2 models on a single day!

Amy is a first time client who drove all the way from,San Diego!
Emma was into the salon for her 3rd creative session ... letting Sarah do "whatever you want" (as long as it's SHORT)


Hair by Sarah
Photography by Bill


Lori & Susan



Professional Latin Dancer & Coach


A successful realtor was ready for a change of pace.


Never one for playing safe, this 11 yr old is stepping up to color ... Ombre-styled under-color to accentuate her new cut.

The cut is a very edgy razored asymmetric & under-cut bob ... worn messy!

Ruby ...

A "blast from the past" from 2008 ... and definitely a precursor of today's main-stream fashion.

Post-processing in photography can make a quite a difference as these 2 versions illustrate.

Julie ...

Grand-Daughter of Harriet (a long time client)

Julie is an equestrian visiting So Cal for a Pony convention.... Harriet treated her to a new hairstyle.

Here is Anne (Harriet's Mom) taken in May 2008.
She has been my "oldest" client at 96 when she moved on to greater adventures.

Linda ...

Pubic Speaker & Toastmaster was ready for a NEW LOOK


Portrait Variations for Ballroom Dance Competition Judging


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