Quotes & Testimonials

Received March 6, 2017



Good morning.. as I was coming out of church yesterday, a lady tapped me on the shoulder to ask who's my hairdresser ... of course I told her your web site and she said "that cut is simply a piece of art" ... just wanted to share that with you <3


Received February 2, 2017



She is loving this, Bill! She had so much fun and enjoyed every minute! You really rocked it! Thank you!!

We love you, Bill Rose!!

-Christina (Reef's Mom)

Received April, 2016

Bill ...

Ok......so it is official!! I look fantastic!

-Deb (text message)


Received November 23, 2014



Dear YELP ...

Huge, huge, huge fan of this place! Especially of Bill!!!! I came here on a whim and he does not disappoint!

I was in search since my last stylist decided to be a nurse, which I am happy for him but he left me without another him lol.

I went to a few places, one really pricey, the girl does hair for the real housewives of OC...which should have been my first clue...anyways crappy haircut and $200 later I was unhappy and decided to just grow my hair out because she jacked my sh!t up!

Finally making a search again I decided to email this place and let them know what happened and what I was looking for in a stylist.

Fast foward, after having some really nice email conversation back and forth with Bill, I decided to bite the bullet and do a hair consultation...I've never done one of those before but I figured what do I have to lose.

He explained in his email he does do a lot of work on short hair which was what I was looking for A-line but below my cheeks, barely touching my shoulders and short in the back. He went on to tell me what he specializes in and gave me a link to look at and after that I booked my appt.

We met, I was greeted by a very nice assistant who really is just the friendliest person you'll meet in the OC other then Bill of course. I was seated and given my consultation. Now let me be honest with you, when you walk in, its kind of hip and trendy. When I was given the tour I was a little skeptical but excited to meet this Bill. She brought be back to him and he was not at all what I was expecting. But let me tell you, HE IS A FREAKN HAIR GURU and hes all that and more!

I've never been happier, the guy is as thorough as a breast exam lol...not sure if that's appropriate or not but I'm serious. You can tell he just really cared and he wanted to let you know how important your hair meant not only to him, but to you as well. I learned things I never knew as well. He finished off his consultation with letting me know he didn't know my budget and he priced slightly higher and that they have a really well staffed place of like 30 stylist and if I didn't want to go through him he wouldn't be offended.

Let me tell you something. If you're lucky enough to meet this guy and have him do your hair...DO IT. Because I feel just as lucky to have him doing my hair.

I have since went back to have my hair colored and I am getting so many compliments for not just my color but they way he cut my hair. Be sure to get comfortable and trust him he knows what he is doing. Just be ready to answer a lot of questions because they all come into play when doing your hair.

Thanks again Bill, you're truly an asset to this place. DONT EVER LEAVE!

Received January 7, 2014

People come near and very far to schedule a Bill Rose hair design. Be prepared to have many compliments and Wows on the precison cuts and color like no other. I always look forward to what Bill will create. He will  first talk to you to understand what look you want to achive and be comfortable with. For me after, I can't belive (25 yrs.!), he keeps me out of a rut, and with the times, sometime very conservative and other times a green light to send me out with another show stopper..



Received April 16, 2012



Hi Bill,
I am loving the new blonde highlights. Got it styled on Sunday, received 3 compliments. See you after your cruise. Have a marvelous time and safe travels.
The frisky client,

Received April 15, 2012

"Diane ... please pass along this message to Bill … I had my book club tea today, and of course, went to church … and everyone just gasped at my hair… it is so fabulous … they say it makes me look 15 years younger … don't ever touch anything ... this is the perfect hairdo ... they love it, love it, love it … and can't tell you how many people have said that ... so, it's been fun … so thank you, thank you … bye bye"

Nancy (cell phone voice message)

Received February 18, 2012

"Hi, Bill ... I'm due for a hair color and cut next week ... can you get me in?

ps ... getting lots & lots of compliments from both men and women on the hair ... people really love it ... so, thanks to you!"

Judy (cell phone voice message)

Received January 8, 2012




These (...the photos I took of Carrie) are wonderful! Thank you! I am loving this color and am getting so many compliments! When you have an opportunity, would you send me the photos you took of me, without your watermark?

Can't wait until my next visit!

Happy New Year and lots of love to you - Carrie

Received November 10, 2011



Hi Bill,

You now have been styling and coloring my hair for About 11 months. I want to say thank you. Today it feels So healthy and soft. The style and color is something I Would have never done on my own.I get compliments from total strangers every week.Have a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing you in December.

Warm regards, AnnDee

Received September 21, 2011



Hi bill. In Hawaii with Jessie and Danica. I love my hair!!! Thanks so much. So happy. Aloha Carolyn

Received July 26, 2011



I want to thank you again for the beautiful job you did on my hair. I wanted it to be just perfect (and knew I didn't have the hair for a tradition, bridal hair, up do) and it was the perfect blend of trendy, classic, and overall beautiful. Thank you again--when I get my pictures back from Tiffany, I will send a few to your Jessica collection! I looked at the link of all my photos on your website, by the way: I've definitely had several looks, all of them beautiful! (Except for the "before" or the before and after pictures--those were pretty bad.)



Received July 4, 2011



Hi Bill!

I hope you and Diane are having a joyful summer! I love the last cut you gave me - I am still getting comments! I recently had it trimmed by someone I thought would do a great job. He did alright - he's a much better colorist than cutter! :) I probably could have kept the cut you gave me until my next California visit - it was growing out beautifully! Live and learn :)

I'm planning my next visit to California and of course want to see you for a cut and perhaps some fun color, too. My Mom would like a cut, too. I wonder if you can fit us in back-to-back? I'd like to come out the week before OR after Labor Day - do you have a preference? Let me know if you'll be away, please.

See you soon!


Received July 2, 2011



Bill, I just want to tell you and anyone else who's interested that I just LOVE my hair. No one was more skeptical than I when it came to the big decision – BB or no BB. I'm so glad I did it, I wouldn't have if you hadn't encouraged me. As always – you were right on!


Received June 6, 2011



Hey Bill,

Just wanted to give you an update on the Brazilian blowout results. I would definitely agree with what you've been told about the second treatment having better results. My hair is much less frizzy than before, and it cut down on the blow drying time. I also noticed that my hair stays straighter longer and requires less product.

Thanks for always doing an awesome job!


Received May 16, 2011



Hi Bill,

. . . And of course for a gorgeous haircut I'm absolutely loving it.


Received May 10, 2011



Good morning!

I enjoyed your newsletter - thank you for your comments and photos of me!  What a transformation!  This new haircut is delightful - it's so easy to style and looks great all day, which keeps surprising me.  :)

I've been spending so much time preparing for Paris (I leave Saturday!) that I forgot about the latest photos you took of me.  Would you send them all to me, without your watermark?

Thank you!

Carrie :)

Received February 11, 2011



"Loving the new cut Bill! Thanks again!"

(posted on Facebook)

Received February 1, 2011



Just after blow drying. No straightening! Thanks! Totally worth $200 I would definitely do it again

(click each to enlarge)

(text mesaage with pictures attached)

Received January 20, 2011



Hey Bill!

I just scheduled an appt with you for the morning of Feb 5th for a hair cut. Last time I saw you you did a Brazilian blow out for me (love it!) and I haven't worn my hair curly since. We had discussed cutting some bangs but wanted to see how the blow out worked first. I want to go ahead and have you cut some bangs like you recommended. I attached two pictures, a picture of my hair now and one of me with an example of the the kind of cut I'm looking for.

See you in a couple weeks,

**Brazilian Blowout Treatment

Received January 19, 2011



Hi Bill,

How r u? I love my hair. You are awesome! It is also quite easier to maintain because there is not so much hair :) I also wanted to come to set up a time for us to meet so that u can do my color. Let me know when is best for you. I will be free anytime thursday. Talk to u soon!


Received January 19, 2011



Hi Bill,

Well it has been about ten days since my Brazilian Blow Out.  It's amazing! I used to spend 25-30 minutes to blow dry and flat iron now it takes me less then 6 minutes and I'm out the door.  My hair is so much healthier and such a pleasure to work with.

Thank you so much.



Received January 8, 2011



Happy New Year!

Thank you for your patience with me - I've been clearing out some old furnishings in my living space and had a new sofa delivered today! Yippee! I'm loving the new look!

I'm also loving my hair cut! I'd been dreaming about (very) short hair for several months and am so grateful you had that cancellation and could fit me into your schedule. I've had long hair most of my life and always grew it back when I did get it cut. Most of those cuts were just "trims" of a few inches. I was very tired of that same look, but hadn't the courage to do anything different, until recently! I wanted a change SO much! I appreciated the questions you asked me and the time spent defining terms (the "bob") and understanding my concerns (no-fuss style, long neck)! Thank you for responding to my concerns so kindly - you were very supportive. And I haven't spent another second worrying about a long neck! I have discovered that I need a scarf to keep my neck warm in this cooler weather though!

The look you created is easy for me to replicate - maybe 5 minutes of attention with a light gel and the blow dryer and I'm done :) I've also had fun scrunching it - kind of a "bed-head" look, which got lots of positive comments this week! I'm not the kind of person who EVER received comments on her hair and this is rocking my world :)

I'm an environmental scientist with the EPA, working in the regional office in Dallas.

I look forward to our next time together, too!


Received December 30, 2010



Hi, Bill! I hope you had a great Christmas. I just wanted to thank you again, and let you know that just about everyone I know has been raving about my new 'do! I've gotten so many compliments, and a few "I didn't even recognize you!"s. The pictures on your web site came out really nice, too. If you wouldn't mind emailing me the one of me wearing the scarf and the one in the middle on the bottom, I would be grateful.

Have a fantastic New Years!

Received December 30, 2010



Happy Holidays, Bill!

I am sooo Grateful to have yo uas my hairstylist! You are amazingly talented! I still keep wondering with excitement ... What next?

Thanks xo Lynn

Received November 22, 2010



Dear Bill,

Jessica is so excited for her haircut (3 months is a long time between cuts). We will be there at 8:30 on Wednesday but need to walk out the door at 9:30 for a family event. You are always so kind to take extra time with Jessica, so I just wanted to advise you of our time constraint. Also, Jessica will have her very serious boyfriend, David, with her. Jessica has mentioned you so many times that David said he thinks Jessica is more excited to see Bill Rose than spend time with him.

Thanks, JAMI (Jessic's Mom)

Received November 9, 2010


"I have to say, I viewed all the photos of Catri...and this new cut on her is FABULOUS!  The cut she came to you with was boring and unflattering.  The first cut you gave her was better but didn't do her justice.  This new cut you gave her is AWESOME!  Great job!  She looks so amazing...it really is flattering to her features and is hot.

The way you styled my hair last week was perfect.  I wish I could replicate it.  I enjoyed it so much."

Thank you again,

Received November 9, 2010

Hi Bill,

"Am loving my haircut, again! Thanks you for working with my challenging hair...

Love the content of your newsletters..."


Received October 25, 2010

To Bill,

"Absolutley LOVE the Brazillian Blowout ... fantastic ... unbelievable!!!"

(phone message given to receptionist)

Received October 9, 2010



Hello Bill,

I just wanted to thank you for taking your time to style my hair, i absolutely looooooooveeee it !! Its something very different , and my family really likes it! Just want to let you know that ill be More than happy to do this again ... Thank you so much!

--- response to my reply ---

Oh why thank you very much :) ive gotten so many copliments  on my hair everybody loveeeesss it ! The color is perfect !! Not too striking but noticable.  I feel like such  a different person , thank you so much Bill! my confidence level was so low and now its way up i love the new look :D im reálly looking forward to “next time “.  

PS. Im goin to Check out the pics :) cant wait for next time !! Im really exciited!

Received October 4, 2010



Its been misty wet all day and my hair is still behaving!

(text message)

**Brazilian Blowout Treatment

Received September 19, 2010



Dear Bill,

Thanks you SO much for the amazing hair transformation. It is so great and easy. Esp. at work in the high moisture area :)

Love, Lydia

**Brazilian Blowout Treatment

Received September 16, 2010



Hey Bill

Hair is great!!! Wow just blow dried this morning and wallah!!!

**Brazilian Blowout Treatment

Received June 6, 2010



Hey Bill Just wanted to say this cut is great...it usually is great but this one is special...is it the other side part or the proportion but immediately people notice and compliment...which often happens anyways! Thanks so much!!!

(text message)

Received April 8, 2010

Dear Bill,

Elizabeth forwarded your e-mail and we absolutely love Lydia's haircut and the pictures of the girls.  I'm sure you've considered going into photography as a side job!!  I told Lydia that when she is a senior we'll ask you to take her senior photo and pay you, of course--not sure if that's something you ever do, but the pics are fresh and beautiful!

We'd love to have the one of all the girls that is the photo on the left--a tighter shot of them all up close with more of their faces in the pic--I don't think I wrote the #, but the two are the same picture.  Also, we'd love the two of Lydia without the watermark . . .

I also have a ? re: the pics. My son and I talked about putting one of the pics on his facebook--Lydia doesn't have one yet.  But I am mindful of what you said about folks taking your great photos and Patrick says that pics can be downloaded off his facebook, so I'm not sure if you're comfortable with that?  If not, that it completely fine.

Lydia still talks about your skill, insight, sense of color and style--I told her how great it would be and now she knows!  Thanks for being one of the highlights of our trip south and we look forward to another haircut in the futrure!!


Received March 31, 2010

Hi Bill,

We love the pictures!!!!!  I'm sorry I didn't email before this but we have been running crazy with all of our activities.  We would love it 
if you could send those four pictures to me without the watermark.  
Also, we wanted to know if any of the other pics turned out or if there was a possibility that we could see them.  If not, then we definitely want the ones you put on your website.

Thanks again for all your talents and your interest in the girls.  
Lydia lovessssss her cut, and keeps telling us so.  Hilary is really 
enjoying her cut, and I think she is surprised by that.    She has 
been getting many compliments.  Katherine is warming up to Hilary's cut, and as always, Katherine loves whatever you do with her hair.

Much love to you and Diane,


Received March 5, 2010

Dear Bill,

Love my hair CUT!!!

Thanks, Miriam

Received December 14, 2009

Hi Bill,

I saw your website tonight and loved it!  I was wondering what you charge for a haircut, color with highlights?  I'd love for you to cut my hair!

Happy Holidays


Received October 14, 2009

Dear Bill,
Love, Love, Love the hair style.  Thank you for your patience with an unbeliever!
Promise to come to next appointment with open mind, complete trust in your expertise and large roll of duct tape to keep my mouth shut whilst you are creating!!!!!!!!

Love Julie

Received August 27, 2009



Ok......so it is official!! All of my friends think, that the last pic. & the last hair cut,  looks like I should be in a hair magazine. Y R The bomb. See you after while. take care of you and yours.

Heather, your hair model.

Received August 18, 2009




So, it has almost been a year since I have gone brunette, and my hair has grown a couple of inches since I've last seen you. I was wondering if you'd be willing to give my look some change- I absolutely LOVE the hair-cut you did for me last time, with the shaggy bangs that became more lengthy around the face, and as it grew out it became prettier and prettier, which is unusual for a haircut ... but yours seem to age like wine.

Received July 30, 2009

Hi Bill!
Love my hair cut.  Was wondering if you would be willing to make the back a bit shorter (to create more of an "A" line look...as you suggested)  If that's okay with you , let me know you're available.  I am available all day tomorrow.
Thanks, as always,

Received June 24, 2009

Hey Bill! Its Erika from Malys, I just wanted to tell you that your website is AMAZING and very addicting. I was on it yesterday and today in the morning, looking at all your different photos, and teddies.....
lol. Anyways, its so good, I'm Sold! I want u to do my hair now......
your highlights are beautiful and so are your cuts. I'm extremely impressed and I wish I was your assistant! Have a beautiful day and see you soon.


Received May 15, 2009



Hi Bill, Its Lynn. I really miss u and meant to send u my info. I am working in New York city for a short time but I will be back to ca in 2 or 3 months I think? I really miss your hairstyling. Strangers here even keep telling me what a great haircut I have and I tell them about you. If I can work it out I may fly in for a weekend hair appointment sometime. I will keep in touch.

You are the best! xo 

Received April 22, 2009



Hi Bill,

I was wondering if you ever happen to find a spare hair iron? I absolutely love how you cut my hair and I am anxious to try styling it.

Thanks so much for your time,
Hope you are doing well,

Received April 3, 2009



Hi Bill,
I am a new client( I’m from New Zealand), you cut my hair last Saturday, which I LOVE… thank you.!


Received March 15, 2009

Hi Bill,

This is Denise, you remember me,  I was very close to being your assistant :-)  How are you doing?  Hope everything is going well for you.  I'm doing wonderful.  I look at your web-site often, I love your work!

I would like to make an appointment to come in and have you color my hair.  I was wondering if you could tell me approximately what I am looking at financially to have you start coloring my hair every month?  I'm sure you would need to see my hair first, but if I could have a approx. I can see if I can swing this.   My hair is in very much need of a touch up and I  really want to remove some of this orange/gold out of my hair!  I would love to start coming in to you, because I know you will have my hair looking awsome!

Please let me know when you get a chance and also some available days that I can come in if this will work out for me.   I am still working as a personal assistant with my days off being Tuesday and Thursdays and weekends.

Thank you and I will be looking foward to hearing from you!


Received February 14, 2009

Hi Bill,
 My name is Christine, I live in LA and admired one of your clients haircut. I have thick hair and am looking for someone who can cut thick hair and she  said you were great with short hair. I have a close friend who live not far from your salon and I am in Newport a lot. I love your website.
What days do you work and how much is it for a cut?

Received February 13, 2009

Thanks, Bill,  you are a great photographer besides being a sensational hair stylist ...


Received December 17, 2008

Dear sir,

As a fan of your website for many years I thought you would like to be made aware that the flickr page below has apparently 'borrowed' a photo from your website.

I have listed the specific page from your website for your reference, and I do see the copyright is still there.
Specifically http://www.billrose.com/gallery/tess/tess.htm

I have in the past recommended your site as an online resource for people looking for hairstyles, and will continue to do so ...


Received December 6, 2008


LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS on my hair color…we are talking immediately! Lots of reference to it fitting my skin tone, and personality…even a “very sexy” color for me…I liked that one. 
I also really like it.

The cut is cute too, you did a fine job, I love that I can still tuck behind my ears.


Again, I enjoy your creativity, and am honored to pass out your business cards and be a model of your great work.



Received December 5, 2008



I know I say this every time I come in but...................................BEST hair yet!  I really love it this time more than ever, the color today is the color I have been looking forward to!
Thank You,

Received November 18, 2008



Hey Bill,

I haven't had a chance to thank you since I've been trying to find a place in San Fran, it's been chaotic! Anyhow, I love how my hair turned out, you have no idea how much fun I've been having with my makeup/clothes since you've done my hair. I have never felt so stylish! 


<3 Angela Joy

P.S. Check out the trailer for the new star trek movie, its going to be amazing!

Received November 16, 2008



WE couldnt agree more that it was so much fun being able to work with you and Natalie. We already went out last night to test our new looks... Chelsea has been able to turn heads more than ever, :) and not only does she look good but she feels so beautiful and different, so thank you for that Bill. I will let her know there will be more to come with her new due . . .

Received November 10, 2008



Hey Bill, just wanted to stop by and tell you again and again how much i loooooooove my hair. Let me know when you want to do the pictures for the website.

Received November 7, 2008



HI Bill,

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I love my hair and I have been recieving the best compliments.  Thank you so much. I love it, love it, love it!  Your the best!  I have already passed out the five cards that I had of yours so I guess I need some more.  Looking forward to seeing you next week.  Have a marvelous day!


Received November 6, 2008

Hello Bill,

My girlfriend has used your site for a number of years now as inspiration for her own hairstyles and most recently liked the new style on Heather. She is curious about the new back. Were there any pictures of the back that she might take to her stylist?

It is too bad we are 500 miles away as she would definitely love you as her stylist!


Received November 1, 2008



Dear Bill,

Just wanted to write and say, "Thank you so much. I LOVE the new style, it was what I really needed!!" I have already got so many compliments. Also thank you for the phone call, I love the pics!! If you would like to email me your favorite or all 3, I could update my, myspace pic. I will also put hair done by Bill Rose and your info, if you would like. Hope you have a great Saturday night, you are a great man, I feel very blessed to have met you. Again, THANK YOU!

Your friend, Heather

Received October 31, 2008




Thank you so much for taking the time to give me a haircut. I absolutely love how my hair looks, I haven't been this excited about my hair for a while. Tina's hair looks amazing too, I can't thank you enough! 

Have a Happy Halloween !

- Angela Joy

Received October 30, 2008



I love my haircut, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Received October 29, 2008



Hi Bill!
I just wanted to say Thank You!! So much for the haircut! It's FABULOUS!
And, i'm looking forward to seeing you again..for the After..after..:-)
I know that your schedule is hectic. So, please just let me know when you want me to come back.
Anytime this week will do! Have a great day!


Received October 26, 2008




This is Christina... I want to thank YOU for everything. I don't even know how to express my undying love for you and what you've done with my hair. I have never had a haircut that made me feel nearly as beautiful as yours did. I am having so much fun with my hair right now. I still haven't remotely mastered curling it, you must teach me your ways!!

I would love to come in this week or next or whenever you have time and let you doll me up and do your magic and take pictures you're happy with. Plus they would be GREAT on my site and myspace page (which gets thousands of hits a day)

I can't wait for my next cut! Does that sound totally crazy!? I just think you did such a marvelous thing. I feel braver and more confident then ever to let you do whatever. I attached a picture of one of the haircuts that I think is fabulous.

With love,

P.s. I have been getting so many compliments, I've already begun passing out your cards

Received October 26, 2008



Hi Bill,

Just to say everyone likes my haircut so far w/ the exception of one of the patients where I work. He said, "What did you do to your hair?" I said," I got it cut, do you like it?" "Can't say that I do." Said he. Two people didn't recognize me, tho I must say one was @ dusk & she doesn't know me all that well & w/ the other I was turned side-ways in the hall @ work & she doesn't know me all that well, either. But it's great fun.

I talked to Carmen, my ex-roommate & she says what a fine cut you gave her, it is growing out beautifully. She asked if you'd be willing to tell her the kind of color you used--was it "Schwartzkopf or something like that" ? she asked. You may remember she was an artist in her past life & a colorist & she thinks she might be able to put together the color she needs if she knows the brand. She said it was such a good color it really lasted.

Anyway, thank you again.!!


Received October 25, 2008



Hello Bill, My younger sister Christina recently got a haircut from you and I love it! ...

My hair is very long, dull, and lacks overall style. I haven't had a haircut in months because I don't know what to do with it. I am moving to San Francisco come December and feel ready for a change.



Received October 24, 2008



(phone call) "Hi, Bill ...

I just wanted you to know that I have received more compliments on my hair, in one day, than I've ever had before, in my whole life! It is amazing ..."


Received October 20, 2008



I just wanted to let you know Bill loves my new do! Thanks!  Hey, keep forgetting to let you know.
Love ya,


aReceived October 14, 2008



Hey Bill,

Just a note to let you know how much I LOVE my hair! I'm looking forward to the next time!!!

Received October 3, 2008



Hi Bill,

I wanted to thank you so much for making me look HOT! Everyone loves my hair and I am so happy with it! I am looking forward to our continued friendship. Thank you so much for everything!

See you soon!


Received September 26, 2008



I am so grateful that I took this opportunity!  I feel great, totally different and kind of SASSY!  It made it more than worth it when Madison (my 2 year old little girl) said while petting my hair that she wants to be pretty like mommy with blue hair!?!?!  Wrong color, but how sweet!  It is 9pm and I just want to go out in public to really experience "Being A BLONDE!!!!"  I am already looking forward to our next visit!!!

Thank you so much,
BTW, I don't think that you could have picked a nicer, more qualified assistant!

Received September 26, 2008



Hi Bill,
Thank you so much for doing my hair last week, I've been getting compliments from everyone =]
I definitely want to go back in for some coloring, but I'm still checking my work schedule to see when I can make it.  I should find out maybe this weekend, so I'll let you know what days will be good.
Talk to you soon,

Received September 24, 2008



Hi Bill! The hairstyle is working out wonderfully!! I've gotten so many complements on the style and color! And I have also made a few references about you to them ;) I wasn't sure if you wanted me to make an appointment anytime soon for redoing the color? I know you said you've wanted to try and go lighter and I am excited to do it!! Just let me know when the best time to meet up again is! Hope to see you soon!


Received September 11, 2008



Hi Bill -
> Sorry I havent gotten back to you - it has been a crazy week.

> I love my hair but have no idea how to style it
> properly...heeheee.....
> Ill be in your area on friday - maybe if you have some time I can come
> by and see you.

> Talk soon!!!

Received September 10, 2008



Oh wow- I love the photos, they turned out awesome. Thank you again so much for everything. I love the new do and look forward to the other magic you have to work.

You are awesome,


Received August 29, 2008

just to let you know that I L O V E my haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks, Bill


Received June 12, 2008



"thanks Bill - very nice look and great job you did on my daughter...she looks like a model!"

jeff (Katherine's father)

Received March 6, 2008



"Hi Bill,

Thank you, you are always so gracious and accommodating.  My friend loved my haircut (of course) it’s a Bill Rose style!  She will be back in town this summer, and I will call for an appointment. 

I hope you and Diane had fun and did well in your competition.

I’m due for a touch up.  Look forward to seeing you soon."

Love ya, Toni

Received January 20, 2008

"Jessie LOVES her hair.  And so do all her friends.  That seems to be the most important thing.  Anyway, thanks for always making such a fuss over her.  She feels so special coming to the big OC to get her hair done.  And, I think you may have a new client when I come back.  Jade was very excited to try something different.  She's a cute girl too.

And I got lots of compliments on my hair at church today too.  People are so nice and supportive.  See you in a few months."

Love, Carolyn

Received January 16, 2008

"I love your site and the work you do with hair.   If I ever get to California I plan to make an appointment with you.  I particularly love seeing before and after pics of you clients. 
Again great site"

Received Sept 6, 2007


Let's face it, change can be scary for some of us. After twenty years of awesome haircuts I would follow you anywhere: from Mission Viejo, to Moongate, to Christophe's, and yes, even to a place called "Gods and Heros" (where the web site looks like it could be a tad too "hip" for this over 50 follower).  If the truth be known - you could set up shop in someone's garage and I would be there!  But I was VERY pleasantly surprised and delighted at my experience today at your new location.  It is VERY comfortable, it felt like home and I LOVE it! I am looking forward to my next visit.  Change really can be a good thing.  A very good thing!  (Love the color and cut too! My husband says I look like a model. :- )  !!!)"


Received Sept 2, 2007


Thought you would get a kick out of this:

My granddaughter (age 13) came over yesterday.  This was the dialogue:

    Grandma, did you get a hair cut?
    I like it.
    I really like it.
    It's short on one side and long on the other.
    It's looks hip.
    Not at all like a grandma.
    It looks really cool.

I also got compliments on it from friends at church today.   Looks like you are my Hero (pun intended).
Just want you to know you are appreciated.   Hope your transition to the new shop goes smoothly."


Conversation on August 22 (with 93 yr old Anne)



(Bill) "Anne, have you ever gone to one of those salons where many of your friends go?"

(Anne) "Not recently"

(Bill) "Why not?"

(Anne) "Why would I want to go where all the old ladies are?"

Received August 25, 2007

"Bill, I checked your web site again and the maps are very clear.  When I viewed your site yesterday, I was so focused on your models I missed 50% of your links.
Nice job on the site.

Well the hair.

Joel was shocked at first but within a few minutes liked the cut and said, "yes the shorter hair looks good, but if you go any shorter you might look like a man".  Lol, ha, ha, ha.  You were right, once he saw it and recovered from the initial shock, he continued to like the cut more and more. 
He did the usual "stand here under the light, let me looks at the color from all angles".  "OK, now come outside in the sun".  After his "color inspection", he said he absolutely loved the color. Again he said, this continues to be the best my hair has ever looked. 
However, he emphatically wanted to know who came up with the idea to put "those Orange strips" in the front?  Ha, ha, ha. . . . . . you were right.  According to Joel,  "it completely ruins the rest of the color and cut"  I told him not to worry, it would be gone in a few weeks and it wouldn't hurt the color.

Now for me

I feel like a new person and really needed the boast it gives me.  I now realize, most of the  harshness my eyes were seeing was due to the length and lack of "style".  I think this cut gives me an attractive style and a more youthful look, which I greatly needed at this stage of my life.
I am so excited, thus the lengthy email to tell you how much I love my new look and frankly I really like the weave and will enjoy it until I see you again for my next color appointment in Costa Mesa."


Received Aug 8, 2007




I checked your web site and read about your move.

Also, I just wanted to tell you how much I love my haircut.  Remind me to tell you a funny story the next time I see you.  It involves a salon owner who approached me while I was at Fashion Island and asked me out.   He loved my hair!  It was very amusing ... and no I didn't go.

My next appointment with you is September 1 so I guess I'll still see you at Christophe Salon."


Received June 1, 2007

"Hi Bill!  Hope you are enjoying your trip.  I can imagine that the OC is in another universe altogether by this stage in your journey.

Quick note cuz you asked me to ....I GOT THE JOB!  It's a hot one, too.  Formal offer will be forwarded next week.  My hair looked fab, the color looked fab, and I wore nothing but the autumn palette to my interviews.  HIGH FIVE!"

Thank you!

Received May 26, 2007

"I love you more every day.  This cut is so cute that I get all kinds of excited whenever I'm out of the shower and styling it.  I have been a short hair person all along and just didn't know it.

I know you're off on your vacation and I am trusting you are enjoying the scenery, water and the open air so thoughts of your work and clients were left back at the dock.  But I just had to tell you I truly, truly appreciate your talent and your willingness to share it so selflessly."


"PS - Because of my new do, I felt confident so I sailed through to the 4th interview and am scheduled for the 5th and final interview next Friday.  Most candidates did not make it past the 2nd, and none to the 5th, so I am doing great.  The energy there is positive and I have not felt a single negative and the best part is that I feel like I am good enough to meet the challenge.  You've given back a large portion of my self esteem and I am grateful."


Received May 24, 2007

"Dearest Bill:

I am leaving for my interview now and I look flawless.  Thank you for your special art and for believing in me.  Never before have I had a hair stylist that is so concerned about the "total woman".  You are spot on.  I can see where you're going with the hair, and I agree.  Next time!  And I want to also thank you for doing exactly what I wanted even though you didn't agree.  You are priceless and I am so glad I found you.

Have a wonderful vacation!  See you when you return!"

Much love, hugs, and smooches,


Received June 3, 2001

Hi, Bill


Michelle is very excited about her scheduled visit with you Thursday. She even has her hair parted on the side today, something she wouldn't do on my suggestion for anything. I think you won her over when you transformed my hair yesterday! You are definitely the best!

Lots of love,

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