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Late September & October 2015


New haircut first ... then darker haircolor.



Natural Hair Color Never Looked So Good ... Stunning!


Two wonderful looking ladies who demonstrate that you can look fantastic at any age.
Pat was attracted to Harriet's hairstyle and received the referral to me.

Sarah ...

My Amazing Grand-Daughter and Her NEW Look.

She is one quarter along her path thru beauty school. Target date for her to join me in the salon is October 2016.

Her new look is an A-line Bob with chunky highlights ... a contemporary classic.



Hilary ...

Time for an update with a new cut & highlights from underneath (sort of a subtle ombre)

Before After


Heather . . .

My New Assistant & Newly Wed

Now that her wedding is out of the way, she is free to think about dramatic hairstyles ... and she loves to experiment!

Jessica ...

An Amazing Looking Mom with 2 Kids!

New Website Image

Tiffany . . .

came all the way from San Francisco!

Over the years we have done some very adventurous styles ... long and quite short.
Presently Tiffany needs to stay "middle of the road" as her life is very much up in the air. But when things stabilize ... ???

= My favorites! (above)

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