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January-April 2015


... Bride to Be

Amanda is gettign married on June 1st in Dublin, Ireland ... to a wonderful Irish gentleman who owns a bar in the south of France.
It's her first marriage, and I am so pleased for her, as she waited a long time for just the right guy to come along.
They met at a Club Med in Florida, and are already quite to the world travelers. We're getting her hair tuned up (color, highights & cut)
for the big trip to Ireland. I addded more contrast to her color, and created bangs with additional softness around her face.


My Gorgeous "Cover Girl" with Her Latest


Natural hair color can look absolutely spectacular ... especially when worn by a true "Winter " color harmony.

Her cut is an A-lign Bob with heavy angled bangs.


December 2010 (before)



She was SO excited to have a big change ... she looks amazing!

More image from this session including several "artistic" variations


... A Work In Progress!

Final Step Deep Purple!

Step #1 Step #2 Step #3


= My Favorites!

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