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July-August 2012


I took extra images, so one could be used for her Senior Picture!

Lydia Aunt Elizabeth (Hilary & Katherine's Mom)

Elizabeth has been a dear client for over 28 years, and is still a very pretty lady! (Click here for enlargement)


Before After


Mom of very cute Lauren (below)


A remarkably great-looking 76 yr old, who has been a client of mine for nearly 30 years


before after



Grown-out After


An amazing looking young mother, with her daughter, Camille


I actually really like all 3 of these, but the middle image is the most magazine model-like

Tatum & Madison

Our Grand-Daughters had been looking forward to a summer trip to California . . .
ever since their original haircuts back in April, when my wife & I visited them in Florida.

Both wanted to go shorter this time around ... and the big debate was how short.
Madison really wanted to go even shorter, but her Mom thought it best to save something until next time ...
and spare Dad's preference for long hair on his "girls".

Sunglasses add so much style . . .

So . . . "Maddie" came up with her own hairstyling, to show the short underneath more dramatically.
I though it an excellent opportunity for a "photo shoot" ... what a terrific little model!!

Madison is quite comfortable showing off her extremely dramatic cut ... not your typical 8 yr old, as her Mom can attest!

Tatum dressing up at the Mission Viejo Mall ... the new cut works terrific with a hat!

= My favorites! (above)

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