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March-April-May 2012


Amateur Latin Dancer from Ecuador

Sixteen year old, Nicole, and her partner, have traveled to the US to train with my client Nadia,
who is a world famous Latin dance coach and judge. It was decided she needed a new, stronger hairstyle
which would be showier, kengthen her neck, and move more as she dances. The idea of a big change was very exciting for her.


Another stunning look for my wonderful website "Cover Girl"

Catri is a dream to work with ... she can pull off so many different looks, both phyically and personlity-wise

Debi and her Daughters ... Tatum & Madison

My Daughter and Grand-Daughters were each ready for BIG changes!

Debi Tatum & Madison

Tatum (11yrs) Madison (8yrs)

As a stylist and grand-father, this was one of my most satisfying experiences ever!

For more of the story behind these wonderful changes ... click HERE


Face-framing panel coloring

= My favorites! (above)

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