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May 2011


A most beautiful bride on her wedding day!

(Above images by Eliza J Photography)

That morning . . . preparing for her BIG day

Jessica Email

The day before . . . for haircuts & test styling

Jessica Liz (Little Sister)
More on Jessica's & My very special journey together, over the last 10 years




McKenzie ...

Another of our new receptionists, with her fresh look.

Before After

I am excited for all of my clients to meet McKenzie, as she is so very precious.
In fact, it is hard to imagine how she can get so much personality into her compact frame! (more)




An adventurous young lady . . .

Alyssa ...

The first of a new group of salon receptionists, that I have orchestrated hiring.
Stay tuned for more ... as I do "make-overs" on each.

Before After

An extremely beautiful Chapman College freshman, Alyssa is a history major (with German minor) ...
she is the first of 5 new receptionist we have hired.
I wanted to bring even more focus on her wonderful eyes, so I gave her a long graduated cut, to reduce some of the bulk of her thick hair.
Next, I will richen her color, to a deep red-brown ... and then retake these pictures (which were quickies), when I have more time to play. Quote

Catri . . .

Her agent wanted her to have a fresh new bold look!

Appointment timing required that we finish promptly, so Catri could get to a "gig" ... I quickly took these images, but will get more later.
With more time, I can show the full versatility of this new cut ... which can look extremely avant garde, or "girl next door".
As a dancer/model/actress, Catri can use this terrific range of looks for a wide variety of roles.



Lauren . . .

My New Assistant

I look forward to having everyone meet her, next time they're in the salon ... You will be as impressed with her as I am.
Michelle will still be with me twice a week, to ease the transition, so we're not saying "goodbye" yet.


= My favorites! (above)

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