Gallery 27

November 2008



Our lovely ballroom dance coach is continuing along her path of adventure,
with the shortest cut we've done, to date ... perhaps the shortest style she's ever worn.
I added a subtle wine color panel for accent.


Another adventuress, Tiffany, who lives in San Francisco,
never wants the same cut twice. Here is her latest ...
a textured, short bob, which will hold it's shape well, so visiting me in So Cal
can be delayed until after the Holidays.

Crystal & Chelsea

Chelsea (before) (after)

On a whim, these amazing sisters decided to come in, and get haircuts. They were ready
for an adventure ... and didn't care what we did! In 2 weeks we will give them each a
strong individual color, to accentuate these fun cuts ... and then I'll take better photos.
Stay tuned to follow their adventures!


before after
The "Royals Royce" of hair color ... stunningly beautiful,
there is nothing quite like the look of a great 2-Step Blonde.
Angela, of course, is especially gorgeous! more

Angela's sister, Christina, and her new cut ...
captured in a self-portrait (her own photography). WOW!


before Come back later after
... with such spectacular hair, and a great body like this, why would anyone NOT want to wear their hair really long. I added angled bangs, inverted layers and extra long graduation around the face. Thanks, Karina ... for trusting me!

Karina & Jen (with Friend in middle)


before after

Change isn't always a matter of being "better" ...
sometimes merely being "different" is enough motivation. A pretty lady either way,
these looks send compleytely different messages.


before after
With such great skin as this, rich warm red is the best way to show it off!


... a wonderful client for over 25 years,
Tam prides herself in making a dramatic statement with her hairstyle.
Here I've created a disconnected, almost "foux mohawk" style that definitley stands out.
The color is panels of three tones of blonde, red and red/orange, over a dark red base.


Inspired by the "classic" bob, I created a disconnected, layered A-line "new" bob ... on a beautiful lady!


Style #1 Style #2

Style #3
This extremely customized "Heather Cut" is both strikingly dramatic, and very versatile.
Thanks, Heather ... for your confidence in me, AND your daring!


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