Gallery 25

September 2008


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A striking new look for her... color & cut.
It is fantastic to work with
her adventurous personality ... Thanks, Heather!


Ready for a really BIG change, Noelle is only half way there!
The next day we took her into an entirely new arena ... Hollywood Blonde!
I think it is safe to say, that we've NOT seen the last of Noelle's adventurism. Keep tuned, as we find out exactly how far she will explore.


Christina was in the mood for a major change ... color to dramatize the cut will be next.


"Edgy" says it all ... with red brown color


before after
Jessica's younger sister has fantastic hair ... plenty for a long layered razor cut.


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A razor cut, A-line modern shag ... to bring out those amazing eyes.
Absolutely stunning!


before Click for more imagesClick for more imagesMy new favorite picture after 1 & 2
A very striking young lady, Kara has unique style and personality. This textured bob builds on the general feeling of her previous cut, but brings additional strength and sophistication. Color followed ... (2nd after)


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Kortni was ready to give up some length, to bring more attention to her eyes and cheekbones. We'll embellish the color next (2nd after).


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Ready for a dramatic change, this daring lady wanted an adventure ... a new look
that would set her apart. The style is completely razor cut, with edgy features
such as disconnection and over-lays ... it is truly a "Lynn Cut".
The color incorporates a black base, with deep red scattered highlights.


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This vivacious lady needed a style with much more personality. Keeping it longish, the cut adds more fullness at the crown, and focuses attention on her expressive eyes and big smile. A bit shorter next?


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Our lovely and talented ballroom dance coach was open to my creating a new look for her.


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A very well-known ballroom dance coach and judge, Maria produces the Vega Showdown (Las Vegas), in early March of each year ... it is one of our favorite competitions.


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Pictures of Elaine and her grandmother, also Elaine, a longtime client.

Katherine ... her adventure continues!

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Natural all the way ... Virginia enjoys letting her white hair make a statement. Her attractiveness and striking haircut contributes to giving her attention getting style.

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