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. . . the before and after of it!

Everybody enjoys seeing how dramatically makeovers can give someone an incredible new look,and tremendous confidence.This page is dedicated to clients who have discovered the marvels of self-exploration by trying . . . "big changes"!

Karen's makeover Gracie's makeover

Color makeover

Jaclyn before... ...after

Mother & Daughter make-over

Becky... becky0.jpg (15202 bytes) becky1.jpg (13855 bytes)elisa0.jpg (15469 bytes) elisa1.jpg (14541 bytes) ...Elisa

(The best way to experience a big change...share it!)

Jenny before... ...after

Annette before... Annette (before) Feb'94Annette (after) Feb'94 Annette (after) Oct'94 Annette (after) May'97 ...after

Tonya... ...a woman of many different looks!

In the weeks to come, I will add more marvelous makeovers to this page.  For someone considering changing their own "look" . . . the wonderful results of these adventures, is a very inspirational way of gaining confidence to try something new!  It's also fun to see how much impact a difference can make.  Most people can experience the changes these examples demonstrate . . . it's more a matter of attitude, than physiology! (See Advice)

 . . . I hope he knows what he's doing!  

This is actually a technique called "paneling", where several different shades are placed throughout the head, to produce a marvelously rich, variegated look.  (See Fashion...views and Directions)

Additional client makeovers








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