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The Classic Bob . . .



Wonderful changes . . .

on 2nd & 3rd generation clients.


I've known Keri since she was quite young...she's the daughter of a client of 23 years.

A recent graduate of UCLA, she has grown up to be an attractive,

charming young lady...and smart too!


Kimi is the grand-daughter of a client of nearly 15 years.

Although I was meeting her for the first time,

she immediately impressed me with her bright, and friendly personality.

And ... she has the most amazing eyes and eyebrows you can imagine!

Two terrific young women...two great new looks!

Heather... ...what a beauty!

Susan... ...younger and more dramatic!

...and then 3 days later...


...was ready for a big change!

She's the daughter, and grand-daughter of two long time clients of mine.  It is a special honor

to have a third generation client sit in my chair . . . there is so much exciting history between us!

As a reward for Vanessa completing the school year as one of the top 3 scholars,

she wanted a totally new look that was young and funky.

I created a heavily textured razor cut...with chunky, shattered highlights (away from the scalp).

She'll be able to style this cut many different way, by differing the arrangement of the part,

and the way the sides are tucked back.

Tess... tess12a.jpg (25961 bytes) ...the latest

Cathie (a hairstylist) wanted a fresh, new, more exciting style.

The result...a heavily textured razor cut, with much more dramatic color.

A wonderful improvement that really flatters her striking face...accentuating her skin and eyes.

Jennifer's new look... ...a graduated razor cut...short and sassy

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