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Tess's latest ...

Inspired by the Twiggy look of the 60's.

Erica . . . . . .when you're in the mood for change!

It's been a long time...


1994... ...2000

It's wonderful to see Teri again, after 6 years . . .

as lovely and striking as ever!


The last time I saw her, she was 8 years old . . .

now she's a beautiful, young woman!

The drama of highlights!

Natalie... ...panel highlighting.

Lelah... assistant with her new 3-tone hair colour

...deep auburn with caramel and red.

Woman's Club Presentation

Nov 1, 2000

Pamela Sadie

The ultimate in adventurism . . .

Pam and Sadie were to be done "live", in front of the audience!

Megan Heidi

. . . were pre-done, and shown finished.

Each came back, into the salon, for a few "artistic adjustments",

and better photos.

Click their pictures for the finished looks.


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