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Annette... annette0.jpg (28530 bytes) ...not a stranger to short hair.

Every once in a while, Annette decides to try growing her hair out . . . but always returns to what captures her personality best . . . short!


Megan..'s slowly getting longer, allowing for much more texture.

We're growing it into a "shattered edge" bob . . . a very textured, chopped look.

Mother and Daughter . . .

Betty... ...Nancy

One of my personal favorites is having friends, or relatives come in together!

(See Gallery 4 for before & after pictures)


Now that she's taken the "big step" . . . I bet Jennifer, that this was the first of many, more adventurous hairstyles . . .

and that she'd never go back to long hair!

Great looking hair runs in the family!

Laura and Marisa (you can see where she gets her good looks and sense of style!)


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