Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Q: Do you do consultations?

A: Absolutely ... I love meeting potential new clients. However, I can not give specific design information, since much of the details must be conceived during the actual cutting process. We can speak about the general approach, so that a "meeting of the minds" is established.

Q: Do I cut Men's hair?

A: Yes! I charge the same for both men and women ... seems fair to me.

Q: How much flexibility do I prefer that you give me with the design?

A: The answer depends entirely on the comfort level of each client. While some adventurous clients can give me virtually unlimited freedom to create, most are more comfortable outlining their taste and priorities. However, my best work is typically the result of increased artistic flexibility, as I can better capture each individuals unique personality and physical qualities.

Q: Do you feel everyone should "follow fashion"?

A: Absolutely not ... personal style should not be ignored. Classic styles have an important place within the larger fashion community, which would not be nearly as rich, without them.

Q: Do I only cut short hair?

A: Definitely NO ... I have many longer hair clients. However, it seems most clients with long hair either are concerned about losing much length, or feel that a highly skilled haircut is not necessary. My experience, and that of my long haired clients, is that an outstanding cut makes a big difference. In fact, some of the most complicated cuts to perform, are the longer ones ... as the steeper angles are so much more difficult to execute.

Q: Will you conduct private lessons for stylists from other salons?

A: Yes ... but understandably, private sessions are not inexpensive. However, they offer the very best learning opportunity, and are worth every penny, as they open new horizons which lead to a dramatic increase in personal income. That more than pays for the investment, if the curriculum is followed.

Q: What is the easiest and most difficult aspects of being a hairdresser?

A: It may seem strange, but the easiest part is making a lady look fantastic ... the hardest is making them happy. In actuality, this makes sense as everyoen "sees" themsleves through their own eyes which are very biased. I see clients through the eyes of someone unbiased ... I truly see how someone LOOKS, while a client can really only tell you how she FEELS about what she thinks she looks like.



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