Celebrities ... who set the fashion and inspire!

The world of fashion is extremely diverse.  No single look is ever the only look ... except for the moment!  It is far more important to develop an individual statement that reflects how you feel, and relates to contemporary style ... than to follow blindly, a look that is someone else.  Here are women who display their own unique style ... no two alike!

That is the key to looking sensational ... be yourself!

(By the way ... check out Kirsty Hume's remarkable change)

Claire Forlani
  Charlize Theron
Isabella Rosellini
  Natalie Umbruglia
  Winona Ryder
  Faith Hill
  Drew Barrymore
Natalie Portman
The Dixie Chicks
  Kate Winslet  
  Rene Russo
  Martina McBride
  Liv Tyler
  Cameron Diaz
  Lady Diana Spenser
Keri Russell
  Sharon Stone
  Robin Carlsson
  Ashley Judd
  Natasha Henstridge
  Courtney Cox
  Tea Leoni

Christy Turlington . . . definitely one of my favorite models!  She is an absolute beauty . . . Elle Magazine called her "the ideal woman of the 90's".  This is an older look for her . . . but it is still one of the ones I liked the best.  I'm cutting more of these looks now, than ever before (Sharon Stone!) . . . and I saw quite a few women like this in Paris.

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