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Each time fashion has moved ahead, there are individuals who are left behind, and this is especially true during the dawning of a major fashion era. That was never the intention of these people ... but it happens none-the-less.

Some will not understand the new trends, and be more confortable sticking with the 'tried and true." However, there will be many who never anticipated falling into the trap of becoming a fashion "senior citizen". Leisure World (Laguna Woods) has been dominated by the weekly set generation for many, many years ... these ladies never understood the concept of the daily shampoo and blowdry. For them going to the salon once a week was part of their social calendar ... and the style would last for several days. Little home maintenance was necessary.

That all changed in the mid-60s ... and with in10 years

that is now changing. It won't be long until the community is filled with the 80s generation.

If you would like to know the best way to stay current, without feeling silly ... here is my advice:

IF you are relying on a fairly heavy highlighting to give you the look of living at the beach ... slowly cut back, and allow dark to start appearing artistically. Go for a more "varigated" highlighting. Also ... do NOT lighten the root area, if that is being done along with the highlight ... as that brings up a warm tone which is often unflatering to the skin.

IF you are having extensions added ... STOP ... Not only is it expensive, but it will definitley date you. No need to spend the money.

IF you are tanning ... STOP ... allow your skin to become fairer. In most cases, this will actually make you look younger, as it will balance your skin tone and accentuate your eyes. I would be totally amazed if Dermatologists in general don't completely endorse this statement.

IF you are inclined to think that being fashionable will make you look silly, because of your age ... STOP that thinking. I have many clients who are over 60 years old, who are wearing the most current styles with amazing results, and total appropriateness. Check them out on my Clients Page

IF you are concerned that trying a new look will create the impression you have experienced some dramatic event which has motivated you ... please DO NOT think like that. I can easily design a gradual, evolving change which will not raise much notice. Rather, it will indicate that you are thinking and acting contemporarily.

IF you are concerned that being contemporary mean wearing your hair short ... that can easily be avoided, with a very fashionable longer style. Of course, your hair must support such a style, but there are many options.


Katie Perry, Miley Cyrus & Abby Lee

My Client's "New Era" Styles

(1999 to Current ... 13 years)





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